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Andrey Butenko

I am a dedicated and ambitious Informatics student at the University of Washington. I am a skilled front-end web developer.

Beyond code, I value understanding user needs and strive to create compelling and useful user experiences. I also love to teach and work with people!

Work Experience

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Android and React Native Developer

Samaritan, Jun 2018 - Aug 2018

Implemented Samaritan's new design language throughout the app, including the onboarding sequence, main page, and checkout screen.

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Front-End Web Developer

Soro, Aug 2017 - Oct 2017

Primarily worked with input, retrieval, and display of complex customer and inventory data using the Vue framework.

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Android and React Native Developer

Samaritan, Jun 2017 - Dec 2017

Led development of a cross-platform, user-facing app. Worked on core features including beacon detection, payments, and growth strategies. Worked with designers and marketers to create specifications for new features, and collaborated frequently with other developers to plan and implement these features.

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Android Development Intern

Samaritan, Jun 2016 - Aug 2016

I developed Samaritan's native Android app from a skeleton to a launch-ready state. Worked with bluetooth beacons, payment processors, and other technologies.

My Projects

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An online, real-time, multiplayer Uno game featuring animations, AI bots, chat, matchmaking, and a friendly user interface.

Uses Vue for front-end, Node for back-end, and for communications.

TEDxUofW 2019 icon

TEDxUofW 2019

I worked with a team of developers to create the TEDxUofW 2019 conference site. I implemented many of our flashy front-end views for the TEDxUofW 2019 website including our splash animation, our speakers listing, and our team page. I also integrated Google Firebase to create a live question/answer feature for our audience.

Club Koala icon

Club Koala

Online game with a canvas interface and PHP backend. Players can interact online through quick-chat messages and cute dances!

To simulate real-time multiplayer, all user interactions are represented as a JSON event, and the backend has an events endpoint where clients can periodically get all events they need to catch up on.

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Intern Community

I was contracted to implement Sketch designs as a functional and responsive webpage for Intern Community that integrates with their existing backend.

Some technical challenges included implementing the custom cities slider (especially the arrow navigation on mobile) and displaying the "wavy" SVG background in a way that looked good on both desktop and mobile.

National Park Adventure icon

National Park Adventure

This is a game to teach elementary-age students about National Parks, climate change, and what individuals can do to help.

In collaboration with UW EarthGames and NatureBridge, I worked on a team to develop a game to introduce key concepts NatureBridge communicates in its K-12 curriculum.

Pacific Northwest Climate Change icon

Pacific Northwest Climate Change

A collection of interactive data visualizations developed using R, Shiny, and ggplot2 to communicate the local impact of climate change to students in Washington State. We have a particular interest in ocean health, and how that will not only affect the environment, but the economic state of Washington as well.

Budget Advisory Committee Website icon

Budget Advisory Committee Website

Developed an interactive resource for students at the University of Washington to understand what their food and housing payments go towards. I worked on this project to address common concerns, and got approval from administration to publish it.

Lyric Link icon

Lyric Link

A fast, seamless lyrics app. You can jump directly to lyrics for the currently-playing without typing or searching. This solves common difficulties in looking up song lyrics.

Calendar Hours icon

Calendar Hours

Calculate time spent on tasks on your Google Calendar through queries ranging from simple to advanced. Search across multiple calendars and filter results by title or color. You can even combine several search strings and various event colors to create advanced queries!

Yowie AR icon

Yowie AR

An augmented reality app developed using Unity and Vuforia. I modeled the character using Blender, then created 3 animations for him using Unity's animation tools: idle, jump, and backflip.

Northlands Arctic Choices icon

Northlands Arctic Choices

This game is based on Arctic Choices, a board game created by the Natural Capital project to help teams of participants (business leaders, government officials, etc.) to understand the benefits and consequences of business development in highly climate-sensitive environments like the Arctic Circle.

Emoji Toolkit icon

Emoji Toolkit

This is a simple app to let Android users see what their emoji look like on iOS, as well as to search for and create emoji which match their skin tone. This very focused app was developed to be ad-free, well-scoped, and to fulfill my own needs.

NFC Pulseoximetry icon

NFC Pulseoximetry

Developed an Android app which computes heart rate and blood oxygen content based on IR and red light data. Data is transmitted from a measurement device to the phone wirelessly via NFC.

Worked with UW Sensor Labs under Professor Joshua Smith and Vaishnavi Ranganathan.